Sunday, January 13, 2013

Be prepared with generator safety!

It is a given.  In most cases, the only time you will need to use your generator is when you are tired and the weather is less than desirable. 

Generator safety when prepping
Be safe while using a generator!

#1 Make sure when using your generator you leave it running outside your home away from flammable materials and far away from open windows.  Generators emit an exhaust similar to that produced from your car and can contain high amounts of carbon monoxide.  Remember carbon monoxide is a deadly odorless tasteless gas.  

#2 Do not overload the generators circuit.  Only plug in the recommended amount of extension cords and do not use an excessive amount of splitters.  Follow the UL listings on your extension cords as well.  If drawing more than the recommended amount of electricity, the cord can quickly become over-heated, melt and possibly start a fire.  

#3 Store any extra gas away from the generator and any pilot lights or flames.  This may seem like common sense but more times than not people leave their extra gas in too close to the running generator making future fill-ups that little bit more convenient.  Keep it far off to the side.

#4 When the temperature is hot, gasoline begins to evaporate and becomes more volatile.  Keep this in mind when the time comes to refill the generators fuel tank.  Shutting off the generator and letting it cool first is a very good idea!

Copper pendent light

 Following these few simple safety precautions will help you keep the  lights on!

Cheers! ~ Kevin



  1. Great tips! We just got a generator from my husband's parents for Christmas and these tips are helpful as we've never owned a generator before.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting and congrats on the new generator! With our weakening infrastructures, more and more people are investing in a generator.


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