Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Best "Bug Out" or "Get Out" Bag.

At a later date, I will be posting a step by step on assembling a "Go Bag" so stay tuned. This article will be an introduction to the topic which will hopefully give you a little bit better understanding if you are a new or even a seasoned prepper.

A Go bag is intended to support you for three days incase you are forced to leave your home. Think of its contents in the same manner as you are going hiking for a few days and may not have a home to return to. 72 hours has been chosen in addition to what FEMA recommends because a human being can only live that long without water, and since there are infinite possibilities when it comes to survival, limitations must be made. Limitations are made simply based on functionality, size/ weight, and reasonable duration.

Since the pack itself will be the framework for your Go bag, there are certain things which must be taken into consideration. Time and time again I hear or see folks running out and dropping $200.00 or more on a streamlined, fancy, all the bells 'n whistles pack. I for one am totally against that for two simple reasons:

#1 That is money better well spent on other preps.

#2 If the time comes where you need to bug out, you are making yourself a target to looters and criminals. You want to think cover and concealment when it comes to your gear no matter how good or basic it may be. Do not advertise "I have the best gear in my fancy pack!" or it will quickly become someone else's.
Best Medium ALICE Pack is a great foundation for a "Bug out" or "Go Bag".
Medium ALICE Pack is a great foundation for a "Bug out" or "Go Bag".

Medium ALICE Pack outfitted with  frame and straps for easy carry.  best bug out bag
Medium ALICE Pack outfitted with  frame and straps for easy carry. 

For that reason, I recommend the Medium Alice pack. It can be found very cheap ($30.00) online or in military surplus stores. It has been made from heavy duty materials meant to stand the tests of time, are very comfortable to carry when fitted onto an Alice pack frame, and I have personally had several years experience outfitting and carrying one. It just works. Weight is simply not a problem with this pack as it may be for some with the "Mountain" or Large Alice pack, and it is spacious enough to organize and conceal all of your gear.

Cheers ~ Kevin


  1. I carry a bug out bag in my car at all times. I make use of it often, for all kinds of ways. We had an unexpected snow storm a few years ago. The intersate was closed and multiple cars were stranded. They should have carried bug out bags! Instead the police were getting people food and water. I feel safer with mine. Thanks for posting about such a bag.

  2. Great point about keeping one in your car! Im in the process of doing the same and calling it my "Get Home" bag. I agree, everyone should keep the bare necessities on their person at all times. Thanks for commenting.

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