Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eco-Friendly Bug, Pest, and Weed Control

While most people are considering the perks of owning chickens, they often think only of the fresh eggs and meat that they will provide. While these are very valid reasons to keep chickens and are often the most appealing,  we would like to point out that chickens also offer excellent eco-friendly pest control without the use of chemicals.  Thats right! Toss that nasty bottle of lawn, bug, weed, whatever kind of spray you've been using and make way for chickens.  The next time you are near a chicken, watch carefully and you will see how they scratch the ground with their feet in order to unearth every possible bug they can find buried or hidden in the ground beneath them.  Chickens love bugs and they aren't picky about them either.  Chickens will eat bugs in all three of their stages; adult, larvae, and egg including grasshoppers, slugs, scorpions, flies, termites, June bugs, ants...the list goes on and on.  In addition to bugs, chickens will also eat seeds like nobody's business.  So when your getting your gardens ready this spring or fall,  make sure your chickens are by your side because they truly make the most wonderful garden companions.  They will eat your weed seeds and your bugs and will prepare your gardens for the next growing season.  But the benefits of a chicken in your lawn doesn't end there.  Allowing your chickens to eat a diet of leafy greens and bugs will provide fertilizer that people pay big money for.   In exchange for allowing them to free-range your chickens will repay you with richer eggs with darker yolks and their meat will taste the way chicken meat should taste. It really can't get any better than that.

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