Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Urban Farm Magazine GIVEAWAY!

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It doesn’t take a farm to have the heart of a farmer. Now, due to a burgeoning sustainable-living movement, you don’t have to own acreage to fulfill your dream of raising your own food. The new Urban Farm® magazine, from the editors of Hobby Farms, will walk you down the path to self sustainability.
Urban Farm® magazine’s mission is to promote the benefits of self sustainability and to provide the tools with which to do it on any size property. Urban Farm® reaches out to those in the city and suburbs, those who are inspired by the local food movement and who want to start raising chickens and growing food for themselves, supporting local agriculture and living more sustainably.Urban farms are popping up all over America. However, things are different on an urban farm, versus a rural hobby farm. With less space to work with, projects must be scaled down, efficiency becomes crucial, and one must be resourceful to use every inch of space and recycle every unused object into something useful.
Urban Farm® is informational and inspirational, filled with how-to projects, profiles of urban farmers across America, “green” and innovative products, and of course, recipes for preparing your homegrown vegetables, eggs and other farm bounty.
Look for the Fall 2010 issue of Urban Farm on your local newsstand August 2. Urban Farm magazine will be published four times in 2010. Beginning in 2011, it will be published bimonthly and available for subscription. You can also shop online for digital copies of the current or back issues.

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  1. Great giveaway! Love the guys are a bit north of me, a friend just got some quail from your place a little bit ago. No backyard birds here at our little homestead yet, but hopefully soon!

    1. Hey esp! Thank you? Who was it? When you're ready let us know.

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  3. Replies
    1. Good luck!! This is seriously one of my favorite magazines.

  4. This sounds wonderful! I just received seed from the guys at Urban Farmer.


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