Saturday, January 11, 2014

Our Homeschool Week In Review: Week Two

If I could sum up our week in one word it would be COLD! Between trying to fight off a nasty cold bug that eventually ended up getting me and being trapped in the house due to sub zero temperatures and even colder wind chills, this week wasn't as productive and exciting as I wish it could have been.  But as I am often reminded, one of the beauties of homeschooling is that we are able to take the time when we need it to heal ourselves and that as unproductive as our days may have seemed, our children were still learning.  A few homeschool veterans have taught me that after having a week like we just had and when you feel as if you just didn't do enough, take a minute to write down all of the things that you did do.  Chances are, you have done plenty.  :)

Remember, we are starting the Oak Meadow First Grade Curriculum midyear.  This week we covered Lesson 2 for everything except science, which was Lesson 14. Here is our week in review!

This week I traced AG on a sheet of butcher block paper and finished it by drawing her face and clothing.  Judging by the flip-flops, shorts and t-shirt I think someone is read for summer. (Oak Meadow Curriculum)
AG and I made these Paper Roll Poinsettias to hang on her Nature Corner Tree (Oak Meadow Curriculum).  For DIY instructions CLICK HERE

We also made these beautiful Origami Window Stars.  For DIY Instructions CLICK HERE.
We tried our best to blow bubbles outside and watch them freeze.  All we ended up with were two giant mason jars full of bubbles.  For bubble recipe CLICK HERE
Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders were a big hit and so easy to make.  CLICK HERE for the DIY instructions. 
This week AG decided to take the pictures of her letters in a different direction (Oak Meadow Curriculum). 
This week in science we studied the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees.  Unfortunately all of the deciduous trees in our area are naked.  We were able to pull up some pictures online though and talk about the difference between the two (Oak Meadow Curriculum).
This weeks updated nature table, complete with Paper Roll Poinsettias and Origami Window Stars (Oak Meadow Curriculum). 
Another drawing of a person dressed for warmer weather (Oak Meadow Curriculum).
This week we worked on AG's calendar and added some special events, like mommy's birthday :) (Oak Meadow Curriculum)

Bringing the outside inside by making this adorable "I'm Inside a Snow Globe" project.  CLICK HERE for the DIY instructions. 
This week we introduced the four math symbols  (Oak Meadow Curriculum). 
Winter Sun Catcher.  CLICK HERE for DIY instructions. 
Working with word families (Oak Meadow Curriculum). For DIY instructions CLICK HERE.  
Tangibles (Oak Meadow Curriculum)

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