Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Homeschool Week In Review: Week One

This week was our first week using the Oak Meadow first grade curriculum.  Because we are starting midyear we had to jump around a bit. Just for reference we covered Lesson 1 for circle time, language arts, mathematics, social studies, music and crafts and Lesson 13 for science. We focused a lot on winter and snow this week which was perfect timing after getting over a foot of snow! Autumn said that she "loved" the curriculum which was reassuring.   :)

Here is our week in review:

 This week we were blessed with an almost 50 degree day so the kids and I decided to take a quick nature walk in the back of our house to gather items for AG's seasonal table.  As you can see that quickly turned into mountain climbing and very few items were collected.  
AG setting up her winter seasonal table (Oak Meadow Curriculum).
 Paper snowflakes (Oak Meadow Curriculum)
The winter seasonal table (Oak Meadow Curriculum).
We decided that AG's seasonal table needed a little more color. 
DAY ONE: Waldorf inspired monthly acorn calendar. CLICK HERE for more information.  
Freezing cold temps and over a foot of snow = lots of winter inspired crafts this week.  I love the way these beautiful Ice Eggs turned out.  CLICK HERE for more information.  
Pumpkin bird feeders.  CLICK HERE for more information. 
We made Sparkly Snow Playdough to compliment our study of snow and winter.   CLICK HERE for more information and the recipe.  
AG practicing her recorder (Oak Meadow Curriculum)

Planting and watering our microgreens.  We planted basil, cilantro, rainbow beets and carrots.  CLICK HERE for more information. 
I can't believe that this was the very first time that we have ever made bread.  It was so EASY! CLICK HERE for recipe.
The Four Processes of Math (Oak Meadow Curriculum)
This is an AWESOME website where you can download beginner phonic books totally FREE with zero commitment. The books can be printed or used on your handheld devices.
CLICK HERE to get yours! 
Oak Meadow Curriculum

Additional resources we found helpful:

Snowflakes and Snow:

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  1. Hi Emily! I love your photos and hearing about your homeschooling journey. I'm the editor of Oak Meadow's journal, Living Education, and I'd love to include you in an article in the upcoming issue on the economics of homeschooling. If you are interested, please contact me at Thanks! DeeDee


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