Friday, August 2, 2013

How to Rename a Catalog in Lightroom 4

I wanted to rename a Lightroom Catalog that already had photos in it to "2013." While there is no way to do this within the Lightroom program, thankfully there is a super easy work around! 

STEP 1: Locate your Lightroom 4 catalog files.  

  • For Mac, go to Lightroom > Catalog Settings > General. The top item is the location of the catalog. You can hit the “Show” button to take you there in finder.
  • For Windows, go to Edit > Catalog Settings > General. Click “Show” to open in Explorer

STEP 2:  Shut down Lightroom

STEP 3: Rename the file that ends with ".lrcat" and the file that ends with ".lrdata" by changing them to the same name. Just make sure that with the .lrdata file you add a space and then "previews" before the extension file. For example: 

My files went from: 

Lightroom 4 Previews.lrdata and Lighroom 4 Catalog.lrcat
2013 Previews.lrdata and 2013.lrcat

Make sure that you keep the space

STEP 4: Relaunch Lightroom and open your renamed catalog.  


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