Friday, October 25, 2013

TGIF Nuff Said

It has been one of "those" weeks and I have never been happier seeing a Friday as I am today.  Without getting into too much detail, work has picked up for me in the heating business after a 3 month lull which is a good thing however, not when it comes at you all at once! :-/

Emily has had a couple of family members fall ill this week.  Her uncle was hospitalized with what they thought was a stroke but later found out was a cancer mass on his neck. Her grandfather also paid a visit to the hospital this week with what we suspect was some kind of reaction to his medication.

Quick animal update: All of the chickens are nice and snug in their coop.  I finally finished closing it back up for the winter.  We are still brooding the 4 chicks that hatched last month.  So far it seems only 1 Roo/?  Beckman is doing good.  Curby is doing good.  George.... well he has some kind of skin "thing" going on and we think it is an infection from crawling through the chicken  wire to get into the coop to get to the feed. Apparently, pigs have very sensitive skin.  It is kind of sad to see that it sometimes hurts him so bad his back legs give out from the pain.  A call was placed to the vet, and we are now just observing him. I am down to 1 lonely quail.  The hawks managed to break through my defenses and pick off the other 2.  The lone survivor is living large now with the chickens, and is even roosting with them at night.

Well this is just a quick synopsis of whats going on here.  Hope to god it is much better where you are!

Cheers ~ Kevin


  1. Hoping your weekend gets better. We have all had weeks like that. I hear ya with the heating business. Next week will be slow LOL

  2. And slow it is.... Haha. Thank you.


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