Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY Egg Carton Flower Lights

How many lights on your strand is going to determine how many egg cartons you will need.  I used three egg cartons total. 
Cut your egg cartons through the middle, on either side of your "flowers"....
\ you are left with only the "flowers."

Cut in between each "flower" to separate them from one another. 

Your flowers! 

On the top of your flower cute four small slits on all four side of the top to allow access for the light bulb.

I used LED battery powered lights that I picked up at Walmart after Halloween and down 75%.  These are great because they can be used anywhere there isn't an outlet and the strand is only 15 lights making is very short.  

Insert your light bulb into the top of the flower.

Hang your flower lights and enjoy! 


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    1. Thanks, Kate! They were so easy. As soon as I get sick of looking at these I'm painting them and changing out the light color.


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