Monday, August 24, 2015

YETI 20 oz. Rambler - Kevins Review

With Fall and Winter right around the corner I have been on the search for the perfect mug to keep my coffee warm when working outside or in the garage but more importantly while snow blowing.  The reason for this post is that I am quite certain I found one that suits my needs:  

Yeti rambler mug in freezer
Yeti Rambler 20 ounces

Let me first start with the back story.  I have a friend that swears by these Yeti mugs.  He owns both the 20 ounce Rambler (pictured here) and the 32 ounce mug.  Last night he was telling me how I need to get one and I won't be disappointed.  "Man, I don't know.  Its like $30 for a coffee mug." I told him  .  So I began to search online for a sale in hopes of filling my now obsession with this Yeti Rambler.  The stores that had it on sale were naturally out of stock.  I took that as a sign.  The next morning I get a text message that a local sporting goods store had them in stock and selling for $28.  Still steep but ok, I will indulge.  

Yeti rambler mug in freezer
Yeti Rambler in the freezer

Now home I need to justify this $30 (after taxes) purchase so into the freezing the Yeti Rambler goes.  For 20 minutes at a beginning piping hot 139.8 degrees F.  No way this mug is going to retain the temperature of my joe.

Yeti rambler mug in freezer
Yeti Rambler in the freezer after 15 minutes.  Lost 5 degrees but still piping hot.

Fifteen minutes in (which was my originally intended amount of time) we lost 5.4a degrees F.  Yet still piping hot.  I decided to go another 5 for good measure.

Yeti Rambler after 20 minutes in the freezer.  Absolutely a winner in my book!
Yeti Rambler after 20 minutes in the freezer.  Absolutely a winner in my book!

After twenty minutes in, it was time for coffee.  Overall I lost 7.4 degrees F in twenty minutes leaving my coffee still piping hot.  

Yeti Rambler Lid with gasket.
Yeti Rambler Lid with gasket.  

What is difficult to understand is this mug, unlike others, does not have an annoying lid that closes over the sip hole nor is that opening small.  Being that heat rises, I figured all if not most of the heat would have been lost through the hole in the lid.  

Everyday folks indulge on coffee and tea.  Why not indulge on the capsule we utilize to deliver it?  Yeti makes no claims in the marketing on this mug that it will keep your beverage hot.  Only that it will keep it cold.  I am impressed and would recommend it to anyone in the market.  And Yeti if you are reading this, we would love to do a thorough review on one of your chest coolers. *Hint  haha

Cheers! ~ Kevin

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